Clinton Brook & Peed combines big-firm quality and expertise with small-firm attention and efficiency. Our subject-matter expertise, skillful and creative advocacy, and personal attention and use of technology enable us to represent our clients efficiently and effectively.

Deep Subject-Matter Expertise.

Although we have experience handling a wide range of disputes, our lawyers have developed deep expertise in several types of cases. We regularly represent criminal defendants both at trial and on appeal, in both state and federal courts, and have won major victories for our clients in high-profile and low-profile cases alike. We have litigated a range of business, contract, and financial disputes, ranging from basic contract cases to complex securities matters. And our lawyers have litigated appeals in state and federal appeals courts across the country, including dozens of cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Skillful and Creative Advocacy.

We take cases to trial and argue them on appeal. In 2017 alone, we won a civil jury trial in federal court; had an arbitration award affirmed by a federal court; won a trial before an administrative agency; won several cases on behalf of criminal defendants; and argued and won appeals in multiple federal appeals. We conduct discovery and write motions with trials and appeals in mind. And because we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants—including individuals and corporations—we may spot issues and arguments that more narrowly focused firms may overlook. We regularly go head-to-head with the government and much larger firms—and win.

Personal Attention and Efficiency.

Although our partners started their careers at large, prestigious firms, our small size and lean staffing ensure that our clients get personal attention from our senior lawyers. We use technology to practice more efficiently, and our flexible billing models and minimal overhead keep costs under control.